Maybe again sometime?!

Pinery Provincial Park is our #1 so far!!! Check out this gorgeous sunset 🌅 on June 23, 2017 at Lake Huron:

We arrived early to built the tent and we went for a walk on the beach. It was foggy at first, then the sky cleared up right on time for the sunset! It was an amazing time!

Hints: you gotta book at Burley Campground and close to the beach! Our campsite was 1025 and was right across the washroom 😕 it was a bit loud sometimes, but we still managed to sleep fine at 3am after a few drinks! 🍹

We woke up at noon and we went to Grand Bend Beach to chill until the rain started. This town  is really cute and I would love to come back here soon!

We came back to our campground and my friend used our inflatable boat 🚣🏼 to explore nature even further during the rain!

Sunday morning we packed up and we drove back to Toronto at 11am.


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