Beach, please! 

IMG_2397“Beach” season is upon us! 🌊 30°C all weekend on June 9, 10, and 11, 2017!

Long Point Provincial Park is perfect! We’ve voted it as the one of the best campgrounds if it wasn’t for the bugs 😀

We stayed at the old park campground 🏕 and it was right by the lake. It’s also a 2 hour drive! The only problem is that our campsite 248 is only sand and not much shade either. 🏖

It was a fun experience and the tent wasn’t full of sand as I pictured it before. So camping on the beach is manageable!

We arrived early on Friday and we took our time to build both tents ⛺️ and the campfire. 🔥

We were lucky enough to have the opportunity to see this gorgeous full moon illuminating the night sky right on top of Erie’s Lake during both nights with a clear sky! 🌌 🌙

IMG_2382IMG_2480.JPGIMG_2450We realized that our electric air pump didn’t get charged during the entire week (we plugged the wrong cable on) so we had to fill the air mattress with the manual pump. It wasn’t a big deal, but we weren’t expecting this “fun” surprise right before we went to bed.

So since I wasn’t sleepy anymore we put more firewood and we only went to bed when it started to rain. ☔️

We didn’t put out the fire and the flames were so bright that I woke up scared thinking that our tent had caught on fire!

The next morning we woke up early at 8am and we had breakfast. We went for an hour walk and I did my 10,000 steps goal of the day!

We bought more firewood and ice. We visited the beach of the new park and I am glad we’ve booked at the old park! There’s more sand on our side of the park.

We jumped into the lake after a bit of sunbathing! ☀️ Eduardo also dug a hole in the sand and we all got a bit of sunburn because it was windy and we didn’t feel it burning that much!

We came back from the beach and we ate our Canadian BBQ aka. burgers 🍔 while looking at the campfire.

We went to bed not too late because we were tired. We woke up early 8am. We ate breakfast and we took the tents down and we left at 9:30 am.

There was a lot of bugs flying around us and some even got into the car. 🚗 My mom and I ended up with a few bits all over, just Eduardo got lucky 🍀 and had zero bits. 😑

On the way back we’ve met my friend Dipika at the Lion African Safari at 11am. It was her birthday 🎉 so we celebrated with her brother and boyfriend at the safari!

We had fun and we went for lunch and dinner together! 🍾🥂🍴



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