Design Your Dream: Type of life I want to live

100 everything is possible to accomplish list:

Health / Mind & Body / Fitness Goals

  1. First, meditate at least 15min. daily! “Nothing is worth more than this day.” – Goethe
  2. Continue finding healthy ways to mitigate the stress of this life.
  3. Drink more wine, more tea, and never coffee
  4. Yoga and Tai Chi everyday with regularity and consistency
  5. Find a secret place in the world where I can escape and sabbatical (and tell no one)
  6. Single digit body fat as 9%
  7. Attain visible six-pack
  8. 100 days of consecutive running
  9. Become an Australian or USA resident, citizen
  10. Train and run a marathon
  11. Start journaling regularly
  12. No Alcoholic Spirits for a year
  13. Vegetarian for a year
  14. 7-day detox fasting
  15. 20 days of Juicing
  16. Change someone’s life
  17. Get et a mini goldendoodle puppy and love it to death, after she’s lived a long and happy life
  18. Spend a week in solitude a year: without any contact with any other human beings just pet
  19. Forgive someone and heal your emotional wounds
  20. Say no to more of the things that I only feel obligated to do, to make more time for the things that actually matter.

Knowledge / Creativity / Writing Goals

  1. Read 1-2 books a week
  2. Get my masters degree and graduate internationally
  3. Attend a culinary school academy type thing
  4. Start a book club
  5. Speak fluent English
  6. Speak Conversational Spanish
  7. Learn French and Italian
  8. Interview 100 inspirational people

Social Contribution / Community / Family Goals / Spiritual Goals

  1. Start a school that teaches kids how to live a successful life, teaches people skills, and teaches them to think for themselves; instead of to not take chances, and only how to be an employee of someone else’s successful life. Don’t be a sheep!
  2. Cook for friends on a regular basis
  3. Brew my own beer and have a big party each batch
  4. Host a neighbourhood pool bbq party yearly and monthly feed the homeless and hungry
  5. Foster children
  6. Keep bees in my backyard
  7. Care for chickens in my backyard
  8. Grow a community garden to grow grapes and plant other fruit trees
  9. Preserve enough food in the summer to supply half of our food for the winter months.
  10. Actually live in Hawaii for at least a little bit, if nothing else but to confirm my theory that I’d get island fever despite all the wonderfulness
  11. Develop a family of friends with Thaiara and Dipika by building a sense of community with a group of close friends and do life with them by sharing a house/commune
  12. 52 wks of socializing – Meet friends every weekend for a night out
  13. 30-days of expressing gratitude to friends and family
  14. Fund a scholarship for students “who wouldn’t consider higher education an option”
  15. Have a regular dinner club with friends
  16. Have a mentor disciple and pour into me
  17. Keep fresh cut flowers on my table
  18. Help my children develop their God given talents to see how they can impact their world.
  19. Foster an environment where my children always want to come home and invite others.
  20. Cultivate a relationship with my children, in which they always feel comfortable talking to me about anything.  Nothing off limits.
  21. Read aloud with my children and grandkids until the day I die
  22. Take regular family walks
  23. Take regular bike rides
  24. Dance regularly
  25. Dream house: Live in a vacation lake/beach home to host big family gatherings. Own 5-10 acres of land in an island (Maui, Hawaii) like a cottage out in the woods. Have a zip line or Tarzan rope over the water. Have a gorgeous homey kitchen that begs to be cooked in. Create a beautiful outdoor space (fire pit, patio, swing, eating area, archery range, Air Hockey table). It doesn’t have to be expensive, just lovely and fun for the entire family!

Financial Goals / Business / Career Goals

  1. Earn enough money to pay all my bills doing Good
  2. Create and curate an activist/artist retreat collaborative camp thing
  3. Self-publish your novel, photo book, recipe book or life story and make a living from my writing: Shift my income to be primarily from writing (not speaking/performing) by publishing an average of one new book every year after 2016 about freedom and leadership principles, with some economics of course.
  4. Write and illustrate a children’s book
  5. Write a column for The New Yorker or a magazine
  6. Serve on the Board of some cool national organization I love
  7. Generate monthly recurring passive income: Generate $1,000 a month from online
  8. Stay 100% debt-free – Zero personal debt for life
  9. Become location independent
  10. Become financially independent – financially free: enough passive income to cover my lifestyle expenses
  11. $200,000+ in Savings
  12. Build a 6-figure business
  13. Get an internship
  14. Start a business – build a successful blog and publish monthly polemic essays
  15. Craft and start an etsy store
  16. Create an Online Course
  17. Teach at a university
  18. Publish a short eBook guide
  19. Public speaking internationally about creating change and courage
  20. Get the perfect part-time job to finance other dreams or start a business that helps strengthen impoverished communities either here or abroad

Travel Goals

  1. Go camping for a month with friends… will require having no job first I think
  2. Go on a cruise across the Mediterranean including island-hop in Greece
  3. Rent a castle with a bunch of friends and hang out for the weekend
  4. Live abroad for at least six months
  5. Spend a month touring performing/speaking every day
  6. Spend a month following the 253 vows of the Vinaya
  7. Yearly family visits
  8. World travel with friends
  9. World travel with parents
  10. World travel with my brothers (Greece, Denmark, Norway)
  11. Take a family vacation yearly.
  12. Take a girl’s trip yearly.
  13. Host a fabulous dinner party
  14. Save money and go on an epic spending spree
  15. Eat at a Michelin star restaurant
  16. Tidy your whole house go minimalist
  17. “I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list.”- Susan Sontag (Translation: “Eu não estive em todos os lugares, mas está na minha lista”) Round The World (RTW) trip planning:
  • Travel across North America – USA, Canada (Go on a six month RV road trip with my family traveling the USA/Canada when my 3 kids are all over 12 year old.)
  • Vacation in Japan (spend a month)
  • Travel Southeast Asia – Thailand, Singapore, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Cambodia to see sun rise from Angkor Wat)
  • Travel in the South Pacific – New Zealand
  • Travel across Europe – Italy, Rome, Venice, Switzerland, England, France, Spain, Hungary, Greece, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia Germany, Spain, Norway, and Oktoberfest in München
  • Travel throughout Australia – Circling Australia
  • Travel in Central America – Costa Rica
  • Travel in South America – Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Colombia, Peru to see Angkor Wat or Machu Picchu
  • Travel in North Africa – Egypt
  • Travel to the Caribbean – Dominican Republic
  • Travel East Europe – Estonia, Russia, Bulgaria
  • Visit an Indian Ashram
  • See the sunrise in the desert
  • Go to the top of the Eiffel Tower
  • Suntan on a white beach with turquoise water
  • Rent an Italian farmhouse
  • See a natural phenomenon like Aurora Boreal northern lights, famous canyons or volcanos
  • Spend a weekend at a spa
  • Stay in a snow hotel
  • NYE in NYC
  • Take a helicopter ride in Hawaii
  • St. Patrick’s Day in Dublin
  • Recreate the road trip around the great lakes I did when I was 16 (including seeing a movie at the Cherry Bowl drive-in)
  • Surf the cliffs of Moher
  • Ride a train from Austin to Mexico City
  • Visit Flores Island, Indonesia when the Lake of Old People is blue, the Lake of Young Men is green, and Maiden’s Lake is red
  • Drive from the 19th hole at the Legends Gold and Safari resort in South Africa
  • Ride in a hot air balloon (ideally in Anatolia in Turkey)
  • Go to the Sasquatch Music Festival
  • Visit the Great Pyramids and the Sphinx
  • See Zhangye Danxia in China
  • Buy a van/bus/station wagon and live/work out of it on the road for a while
  • See Flight of the Conchords live
  • Climb Mount Roraima
  • Literally walk 500 miles to see someone I love
  • Go to Burning Man
  • Swing on the “End of the World” Swing in Baños, Ecuador
  • Ride an elephant, ideally one named “Bubbles” (but I’m not picky)
  • Spelunk the caves of Hang Ken in Vietnam
  • Walk from the Shire to Mordor (the real-life places in NZ those locations were shot in)
  • Walk the Tunnel of Love with a коханець in Klevan, Ukraine
  • Experience zero gravity, ideally in space
  • Swim in the Sea of Stars in the Maldives or a vacation in Bora Bora
  • Visit the Himalayas and a Zen Buddhist monastery in the region
  • Visit Israel and surrounding areas.
  • Visit medieval castles
  • Hike part of the Pacific Crest Trail

Adventure Goals

  1. Motorcycle trip – Achieved (2011 – Switzerland’s Alps)
  2. Kayaking trip – Achieved (New Zealand, 2008)
  3. Mountain Trekking – Achieved (Nepal, 2009)
  4. Sail a small boat – Achieved (USA 2010)
  5. 4WD trip – Achieved (2011, Traveling around Australia)
  6. Sailing trip – Achieved (2011 – Australia, Great Barrier Reef)
  7. Diving trip – Achieved (2011 – Egypt, Australia)
  8. Cross Country Ski trip – Achieved (2014 – Vermont, U.S)
  9. Go paragliding/hand gliding
  10. Bungee jumping or parachuting

Fun Experiences

  1. Take one photo a day for a year: Commit to a 365 project like a photo a day or no shopping
  2. Attend a fashion show
  3. Sleep under the sky

  • Other goals not on my list:

Meet your hero

Climb a mountain

See your favourite band live

Scuba dive the Great Blue Hole (I don’t want to get a Scuba Dive Certification)

Get surgery on my eyeballs so I can see better

Volunteer at a lion orphanage

Swim with dolphins

Get a tattoo

Attend the World Cup

Complete a triathalon.

Bake a wedding cake

Record a demo and send it to record companies

Be an extra in Hollywood (or Bollywood)

Walk on fire 

Adopt a child through the foster system

Perform in a community theatre production

Create recipe cards and meal ideas using staples in our food pantry for our monthly ministry.

Teach local cooking classes.

Raise money for charity

Start a band


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